General purpose structural analysis software packages are frequently used around the world by structural engineers and architects for structural analysis of multi-story buildings. These general purpose structural analysis software packages require visualization of the 3-D structure prior to starting the data input.

PLAN23D converts floor PLAN of buildings to complete 3-D structural models and generates input files for SAP, STAAD & GTSTRUDL and similar other general purpose structural analysis software packages. It has been developed to help structural engineers and architects in modeling of multi-story buildings with minimal use of manuals and help files. Fast, Easy and Error-free modeling are the objectives of PLAN23D. Geometry, topology, material properties, cross-sections, dead and live loads, wall loads, IBC-compliant response spectra, rigid diaphragm, etc are easily generated with a few clicks of the mouse pointer. Structural designers and architects want to generate models for various different alternatives based on floor plan layout. They also want that the generation of 3-D structural model is fast and error-free for various alternative floor plans. They don’t want to get involved with local and global axes complexities, calculations of one-way and two-way slabs. live loads, rigid-diaphragm modeling details, etc.